About Us

Your Partner in Strategic Wealth Management

Welcome to Bluefield Wealth, a distinguished independent family office dedicated to serving the bespoke financial needs of high-net-worth families and individuals. Our expertise specialises in catering to the multifaceted and dynamic requirements of affluent clientele, with a particular focus on multi-generational wealth management. At Bluefield Wealth, we combine the wisdom of experience with innovative strategies to navigate the complexities of wealth in an ever-changing world.

Our Culture

At the heart of Bluefield Wealth’s philosophy is a fundamental and unyielding belief that asset preservation and the creation of enduring legacies lay the pillars for any successful wealth management approach. With an emphasis on ethical practices, mutual respect, and transparency, we hold each client’s respective needs and aspirations in the highest regard and employ personalised approaches to ensure that your wealth is positioned to thrive across generations.

Since our founding, we have taken great pride in infusing our core values of integrity, trust, and excellence into all business endeavours and client relationships while striving to embody a forward-thinking approach, anticipate future trends, and face challenges head-on. Our philosophy is grounded in the belief that the true value of wealth lies in its power to create positive impacts and opportunities, for today and for years to come.

30+ Years of Expertise

Established in the late 20th century, Bluefield Wealth boasts a legacy of over three decades in wealth management and financial services.

95%+ Client Retention Rate

A testament to our exceptional service quality and client-centric approach.

2 Key Global Offices

Strategically located in major financial centres, Singapore and London, to serve our international clientele.

100+ Clients Globally

Serving a substantial number of HNWIs, families, and institutions across the world.

£10M in Philanthropy

Demonstrating our commitment to social responsibility through significant contributions to sustainable and philanthropic projects.

30+ Industry Experts

Our team comprises a robust network of financial advisors, market analysts, and legal experts.

£800M Assets Under Management

Managing a significant portfolio, catering to diverse investment strategies and needs.